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Sonia Kashuk Keeps My Hair in Line

5 Jun

I’m a skin care and make up gal, I rarely spend time and effort on my hair.  I’m lucky enough to have pretty low maintenance hair, it’s long and stick straight, and when I get fed up with it I rock a side braid.

That being said, I still couldn’t pass up this adorable hot pink brush by Sonia Kashuk.

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Two Handy Tools from Sonia Kashuk

23 Jan

I don’t know why, but I insist on carrying 12-15 lip products on me at all times.  You never know when you’ll need to spontaneously put on red lipstick or need a light pink gloss.  What else do I carry in my purse?  These two bad boys.

It’s one of those things where once I got them, I wondered how I ever functioned without them.  Check it out! Continue reading

Sonia Kashuk does a fine job celebrating breast cancer awareness

7 Oct

Sonia Kashuk and Susan G. Komen have more in common than their initials…

I keep strolling by this brush set at my local Target and convincing myself not to buy it.  I mean… I guess I don’t NEED it… but it’s so dang cute.  I think if it’s still there on Sunday I’ll take the plunge.

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