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Get More Out of Your Skin Care Routine

3 Mar

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Have you guys tried any Laura Geller products?  I have one of her Baked Bronze-N-Brighten blushes and it’s really nice!  Very natural, goes on smooth, and lasts for hours.  Check out some of her must-haves!


Three Secrets For Model Perfect Skin

17 Feb

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Speaking of perfect skin, check out the latest from NARS!

What do ya think?  Are you a TM kinda gal?  I have Laura Mercier’s, I use it a lot in the summer time, not so much in the winter.

And FINALLY, it’s here!

I’ll be purchasing when it get to Sephora or Ulta stores (Ulta says it will be in stores March 4th).

Do you have any secrets for flawless skin?

Boscia Makes My Skin Luminous!

7 Feb

Ever have those days when your skin is just being “fussy?”  Random break outs, dry patches, oily t-zone…  Whatever it is, you definitely need a savior when that time comes around.  Check out my go-t0 for when my skin is acting a fool:

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Is Mixing Skin Care Products Dangerous?

3 Feb

Check out this new collection from NARS!

Best Fragrance For Every Age

1 Feb

It suggests Viva La Juicy for my age group.  I’ve sampled it, too sweet for me!  What’s your favorite fragrance?

Bird poo… really?  Really.

Fresh Faced with Neutragena

26 Jan

Did you know that Thursday is my least favorite day of the week?  I really don’t know why, but I just loathe Thursdays.  I don’t even like the word.. Thursday… barf.

Well, at least I always have affordable drugstore products to cheer me up!  Check out this amazing product from Neutrogena!

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Affordable Drugstore Moisturizer, Olay!

13 Dec

I love skin care.  I love drug store products.  It’s only natural that these two would mate.

I have a lot of high-end skin care that I love, but I get more satisfaction over finding something that’s affordable and effective.  This would explain why I get a rush from walking through the make up/skin care isles at Target.  Seriously, it comforts me.

After reading great reviews about the Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer, I decided to finally get it.

And for less than 8 bucks, I really didn’t have that much to lose.

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