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Too Faced Natural Eye Gone Naughty

27 Feb

Who else is in love with this?  Yes, the shades are easily dupe-able, but having those great quality, versatile colors in one cute palette is hard to pass up.

NEW from Buxom!

18 bucks… do you think it’s worth checking out?


Get Comfortable with Wet ‘n’ Wild

14 Feb

Hey!  Do you want to see my current obsession?

The best part about it?  It costs 5 bucks!   Continue reading

Pretty Eyes with Pixi

30 Jan

I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gaaay!

 Happy Monday everyone!  Do you feel pretty today?

Does palette live up to it’s promise?
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Urban Decay Midnight Emergency

22 Dec

Check out Urban Decay’s newest palette!

Click the image for details!  What do you think?  Love it or leave it?

I like the packaging, but I don’t see anything special about the eyeshadow colors.

Where Have You Been All My Life? theBalm Review

15 Dec

theBalm theBalm, where have you been all my life?  I’ve spotted you at my local Sephora, but your brand isn’t as big as some of the others that they carry so I usually just pass right on by.  That is, until I read a review on Temptalia’s site about how outstanding your eyeshadows are.  After that, I was intrigued.  I had to try theBalm’s products.

Was she right?  Did they live up to my expectations?  Check it out!  Continue reading

Naked 2 Palette, swatches and comparisions

8 Dec

If you recall about a week ago I posted some hardcore breaking news on here: Urban Decay was coming out with a sequel to their classic Naked palette, the Naked 2.  The world stood still for a moment.

The original Naked Palette came out in the summer of 2010 and took the make-up world by storm.  It’s a sleek, well designed neutral palette containing 12 full size (0.5oz) eyeshadows for $45.   That equals to less than 4 bucks per eyeshadow (which normal costs $17 for 0.5 oz.).  Genius, Urban Decay, genius.

They were smart to come out with a sequel, because I sure took that bait… I was one of the lucky 5,000 to purchase one the weekend that it came out.  So… is it worth the hype?

Lets take a look!  Continue reading

Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box, Review

28 Nov

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving break.  Lets all take one big collective… sigh.  I hope you guys had a good holiday, I know I had a nice break.  My body hates me for stuffing it with enormous amounts of food, but I suppose it will get over it.  Or it will be fat.  Either way, I guess it’s my decision…

Well I was going through some of my palettes the other day and I came across my Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box.  It’s $36.00 and available at Sephora and UrbanDecay.com (**note, I couldnt’ find this on Sephora’s website, but I know I’ve seen it in the store recently).  This was one of my very first purchases from Sephora.  I was immediately drawn to the cute packaging.

Isn’t it adorable?  It’s actually made from bamboo.  The packaging even warns it “may be prone to slight natural splintering.”  Yikes!  I’ve never experienced any splintering, in case you were concerned.

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theBalm and The Beautiful, Swatches

19 Nov

Happy Saturday everyone!  Due to the new Muppets movie coming out, the beauty world has come out with several Muppet themed products.  From OPI’s Muppet nail polish, to the Miss Piggy for MAC collection (if you can even call it a “collection”), and, my favorite, theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette.

The palette contains 16 eye shadows, 2 lip/cheek stains, and 1 lip gloss and retails for $44.50.  The packaging is so adorable with the Muppets theme, as well as the names of all of colors.  But here’s the catch… they only made 1,000 of them.

After reading Temptalia’s review of this palette I longed for it, I wanted it so much!  Much to my dismay, I was not one of the lucky 1,000 recipients…

But do not worry, I didn’t stay sad for long.  theBalm made another palette, almost identical to the Muppets themed one!  It’s their holiday 2011 palette, theBalm and The Beautiful.  This palette is soap opera themed, and cleverly so.  It features the same amount of products and the colors are (almost) identical.

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