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Born to Sparkle with Bobbi Brown

12 Jul

When I was a kid, I used to tell people that I was born to sparkle.  Grown ups would laugh and play along, thinking I was just a typical Barbie-loving little girl.  Well now in my adult life I still tell people that I was born to sparkle and I don’t get quite the same reaction.  People still laugh a little, but when the see the crazy look in my eye that says “I’m not kidding” they usually get a little uncomfortable.

I say, oh well, I think everyone likes to sparkle in some way 🙂  Here’s one product that helps me on my journey to add more shimmer to my delusional world:

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Bobbi Brown, Spring 2012

24 Jan

Click image to view collection.

The Ultra Nude Eye Palette is super cute!  Anything that you’re interested in?

This collection is available at any Bobbi Brown counter and their website.

Favorite Green Eyeshadows for the Holidays

22 Dec

This whole week I’ve been wearing obnoxious make-up looks to go to the office.  Shimmery eyeshadows, sparkley blush, glitter lipgloss… what’s the occasion?  It’s the holidays, of course!  One of my favorite things that I’ve been playing with is green eyeshadow, and I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorites!

Top 7, here we go!

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