Friday Favorites: Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Ivory

10 Aug

You did it, you got through the week!  Have you guys been watching the Olympics?  Seriously, Olympians are amazing.  I watched pole vaulting for the first time and let me tell you:  Mind. Blown.

Something else that blows my mind?  This eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown!

That’s why it’s today’s Friday Favorite!  Why?  Well, just keep readin, why don’t ya?  
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Shine-be-gone with Palladio Rice Powder

9 Aug

Weird fact about me:  I like to fold laundry.  I have a “folding board” that I fold shirts with to ensure they are the same size with perfect corners.  I love to fold towels and carefully stack them up so they are all facing the same way and lined up.  Oh, and jeans!  I love folding jeans.  There’s just something so satisfying about seeing a stack of perfectly folded jeans….

Alright, well now that you know what a psychopath I am, I’ll get on to something else that I find satisfying that maybe you can relate too:  affordable makeup.

This powder will set you back about $5, but does it work?   Continue reading

Makeup for Beginners, Vol. 1: Primer

8 Aug

As a makeup junkie, I tend to get caught up in the cosmetic world.  If you are new to makeup or just want to spruce up your beauty regimen, it’s hard to know where to start.  Beauty blogs are a great resource but may be intimidating to the “average” reader.  That’s where my new series comes in:

We are going to start with the basics!  First up, primer!
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Latisse: My Thoughts

7 Aug

DISCLAIMER:  Latisse is a prescription treatment, therefore do not use before consulting with your doctor.  This post is to share my experience with the drug, I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be an expert in any way.  Consult with your doctor before trying Latisse.

“Are those your real lashes?”

A line every girl loves to hear when they aren’t wearing falsies.  I’ve used Latisse for over a year now and I still hear it ever so often.  My response should be a gracious, “Yes, thank you for noticing.”  Instead I reply with, “Latisse!”

I feel like my genetics shouldn’t take credit for the longer than average lashes that reside on my lids.  The 3 coats of mascara also work in my favor.  After people find out that I’m using Latisse, they immediately want my opinion on it.  So, here today I’m sharing:

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12 Hours With Tarte Foundation

6 Aug

I need another foundation just like I need to hear another Maroon 5 song on the radio (seriously, Payphone? Quit playing it).  But that didn’t stop me from snatching this up from Ulta.I couldn’t resist its 12-hour, full coverage promise.  Also with Tarte being an all natural cruelty free brand, I just had to try it.  Does it live up to my expectations?
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Sunday Link Love, Vol. 1

5 Aug

I hope you guys had a great weekend!  Now it’s time to settle down and catch up on some readin’!

What I’m reading:

Check out the new NARS Eyeliner Stylo line over at Makeup and Beauty Blog.  They look amazing!

A $6 nail polish with an A rating from Temptalia?  Believe it.  I immediately ran out and bought it.

Check out Kate’s rundown of makeup brushes and how to use them.  She includes MAC and vegan options.

This is a gorgeous makeup tutorial by the beautiful and talented Marlena at Makeup Geek is nothing short of amazing.   I can’t wait to try it!

Gorgeous manicure alert from Aprill over at Glitter Gloss Garbage.  I really need to get on board with these indie nail polishes.

I knew that L’Occitane made a good hand cream,  but I wouldn’t have thought to try their Body Ice Gel (mostly because I have no idea what that is).  Kookie over at Stepford Witch shows us how it helped relieve a nasty sunburn.

Alina over at Makeup Moment gives a great review on Tarte’s Maracuja Miracle 12 Hour Foundation.  Tarte = one of my favorite brands!

Ah, Sunday.  Are you ready for another week?

Fancy Shoe Friday, Vol. 20

3 Aug

Check out my Summer Beauty Essentials over at Kate’s Beauty Blog!

It’s Friday!  WooOOOooOOOo!

Today is a special red shoe edition of FSF!

Christian Louboutin Studded Patent Leather Platform Pumps

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How To Layer Blush for Longer Wear Time

2 Aug

Depending on your makeup and lifestyle, blush can sometimes rub off during the day, leaving your once-flushed cheeks looking pale and sallow. Summertime can make this problem worse, with high temperatures cause makeup to melt off the face.

Follow these steps in layering blush to lengthen its wear time. Continue reading

Take a Dip in the Ocean with Lush

1 Aug

A good friend of mine (who shares a cosmetic addiction much like myself) has been urging me to try LUSH for months.  She would spend hours gushing about how much she loved their products.  I could always tell when she had visited a LUSH store, there was some extra pep in her voice.

Intrigued by this brand that had brought my friend so much joy, I finally had to go check it out for myself.  I picked up some of their classic items and this scrub was one of them.

Now, I know some of you “Lushaholics” out there are probably saying, “Where have you  been the past 2 years??!”  In my defense, the LUSH craze hasn’t really hit the midwest yet.  We’re too busy working in the corn fields, ya know. Continue reading

Battle of the Blush and Bronzer Duo’s

31 Jul

I strolled into my local Target on a mission to find this new nail polish I had just read about.  I scanned the cosmetic aisle with almost laser-like eyes, I didn’t see it.  I scanned it again, this time bending my knees a little so I could get closer.  Didn’t see it.  Dang, what a disappointment, I say those dreaded words in my mind, “They don’t have it.”

I put my head down and started to exit the cosmetics isle when something caught my eye.  Is that… NARS at Target?  No, but it sure looks like it.  And it sure looks like a dupe for Orgasm and Laguna.  I looked at the price tag ($3) and was happily on my way.  This trip to Target wasn’t a waste after all.

So… is the E.L.F duo comparable to the NARS?

Well let’s just find out!

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