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August Glam Bag, 2012

14 Aug

It’s that time again!  My monthly gift from MyGlam is here!
So was this bag a hit or miss?  Let’s just find out!   Continue reading


August Birchbox, 2012

13 Aug

It’s always fun to see this surprise in my mailbox!

The usually magenta box is yellow this month.  What the deal?   Continue reading

Happy Feet with Lush

26 Jul

I’m pretty rough on my feet.  I shove them in high heels every day and just tell them to deal with it.  You can imagine my delight when I came across this cute little set at Lush with products all geared toward my poor feetsies.

I decided to give them some pampering (before I shove them back into a stiletto).

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How To Make Your Own Kiwi Cleanser

25 Jul

Did you know that Kiwi contains more vitamin C than any other fruit?  Vitamin C aids in collagen production, which is what makes the skin firm.  Since we are all in an uphill battle against the aging process, I’d say vitamin C is something we all desire.

This cleanser is super easy to make, and very effective!  It’s made from ingredients that you can find at the grocery store (or you may already have everything in your kitchen!).

Lets get started!   Continue reading

July Glam Bag, 2012

17 Jul

Happy Tuesday!

Check out what’s inside this month’s Glam Bag! Continue reading

June Glam Bag, 2012

20 Jun

I haven’t been very satisfied with my previous Glambags, I was close to canceling but I decided to wait just one more month.

Did MyGlam redeem themselves?  Well, lets find out.  Continue reading

The Clarisonic: My Thoughts

14 Jun

I decided to finally do this post because I repeatedly keep getting asked the question:  What do you think about the Clarisonic? 

A legitimate question it is, after all, it’s a hefty investment for a skin care product (averaging around $180).  I remember asking the same thing before I finally took the plunge and purchased one myself.  So, without further adieu…

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Get More Out of Your Skin Care Routine

3 Mar

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Have you guys tried any Laura Geller products?  I have one of her Baked Bronze-N-Brighten blushes and it’s really nice!  Very natural, goes on smooth, and lasts for hours.  Check out some of her must-haves!

February Glam Bag, 2012

26 Feb

Happy Sunday!  I had a wonderful weekend!  I celebrated my birthday last night with my beau, since I won’t be able to do anything on my actual bday (it’s Tuesday, the 28th).  We hardly see each other anymore with our crazy busy schedules, so we definitely cherish our time together!  Did you do anything fun?

Speaking of fun, as promised, here’s my February Glam Bag:

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Three Secrets For Model Perfect Skin

17 Feb

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Speaking of perfect skin, check out the latest from NARS!

What do ya think?  Are you a TM kinda gal?  I have Laura Mercier’s, I use it a lot in the summer time, not so much in the winter.

And FINALLY, it’s here!

I’ll be purchasing when it get to Sephora or Ulta stores (Ulta says it will be in stores March 4th).

Do you have any secrets for flawless skin?

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