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How to Depot Your Eyeshadows

21 Aug

What does it mean to “depot” your makeup?  It means taking the product out of the original container and putting into a palette.  It saves space and allows you to further organize your collection.

There have been some eyeshadow casualties along my journey on learning how to properly depot (RIP).  Now that I’ve figured out an easy, full-proof method, I wanted to share. It could save eyeshadow lives!  Continue reading


Canadian Beauty Find: Annabelle Eyeshadow

16 Aug

I went on a road trip to Canada earlier this summer, and being the beauty geek that I am, I was excited to head to the drugstore to check out their cosmetics.  I saw lots of the same brands that we have here in the US, but there was one inexpensive brand that caught my eye.

Annabelle Cosmetics.  Even better?  They were on sale!  I picked up a few unique shades and was happily on my way.  So, did the cheap price mean cheap quality?  Continue reading

Spend some time with a Shady Lady

19 Jul

In most cases, being called a “shady lady” is usually something negative.  That’s not the case when it come to theBalm.

Take a seat, and spend some a little time with this Shady Lady.  Continue reading

Illamasqua Nails with my Too Faced Palette

12 Apr



My current nail color, Loella. It’s the perfect cool toned baby pink without looking like you’re 14 years old.

Too Faced Sweet Dreams palette, from their holiday 2011 collection. To depot, or not to depot… that is the question.

Thoughts? Happy Thursday!

Too Faced Natural Eye Gone Naughty

27 Feb

Who else is in love with this?  Yes, the shades are easily dupe-able, but having those great quality, versatile colors in one cute palette is hard to pass up.

NEW from Buxom!

18 bucks… do you think it’s worth checking out?

Get Comfortable with Wet ‘n’ Wild

14 Feb

Hey!  Do you want to see my current obsession?

The best part about it?  It costs 5 bucks!   Continue reading

Pretty Eyes with Pixi

30 Jan

I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gaaay!

 Happy Monday everyone!  Do you feel pretty today?

Does palette live up to it’s promise?
Continue reading

Get Red Carpet Ready with Too Faced

23 Jan

Click image to view the look!

Sooo, my birthday is next month and I’m thinking about asking for these shoes:

I fell in love with them the moment I saw them.  I’ll admit, the 2 and 1/2 inch platform is a little much, and I may break an ankle with the 6 inch heel…. but oh well.  I could wear them in a wheelchair just as well.

Well, Hello Bombshell! *hair flip*

19 Jan

Any of you guys hit up the Semi-Annual sale this year?  It’s not in the stores anymore, but still going online until January 22nd.  I wear a hard-to-find bra size so I usually stock up this time of year (TMI?).

Enough about undergarments, let’s get to the fun stuff.  I have the “Hello, Bombshell” Makeup Kit to talk about today, and lots-o-pics.

Let’s get to it! Continue reading

A Calming Evening with Smashbox…

11 Jan

Holy guacamole, it’s been a crazy day!  It’s one of those come home from work-pour a large glass of wine-throw on your sweatpants-and plop your booty on the couch-kinda days.  And don’t forget the big sigh.

If I were to pick a make up palette to match my relaxation-state-of-mind right now, it would be the Smashbox Softbox Eye Palette.

Ch-ch-check it out!  (A little Beastie Boys shout out there) Continue reading

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