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Makeup for Beginners, Vol. 2: Foundation

15 Aug

There are thousands upon thousands of makeup foundations out on the market.  Some claiming to “brighten and tighten” the skin.  Some even claim to take 10 years off of your appearance!

Can one product really do all that?  Well, it comes down to the age-old saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, than it probably is.”  Foundation can’t do the same thing that surgery can.  However, that’s not to say it doesn’t serve a purpose.  It can improve your appearance and even help protect your skin.   Continue reading


MAC 167SH Brush, Review

13 Aug

Makeup trends come and go, but a good brush always has a place in your collection.

I picked up this little guy (no seriously, it’s little) on a whim.  I knew I didn’t need another powder brush, but the limited edition siren was going off in my head.  I didn’t want to miss out on something that could potentially be wonderful!  So, did they little guy disappoint? Continue reading

Shine-be-gone with Palladio Rice Powder

9 Aug

Weird fact about me:  I like to fold laundry.  I have a “folding board” that I fold shirts with to ensure they are the same size with perfect corners.  I love to fold towels and carefully stack them up so they are all facing the same way and lined up.  Oh, and jeans!  I love folding jeans.  There’s just something so satisfying about seeing a stack of perfectly folded jeans….

Alright, well now that you know what a psychopath I am, I’ll get on to something else that I find satisfying that maybe you can relate too:  affordable makeup.

This powder will set you back about $5, but does it work?   Continue reading

Battle of the Blush and Bronzer Duo’s

31 Jul

I strolled into my local Target on a mission to find this new nail polish I had just read about.  I scanned the cosmetic aisle with almost laser-like eyes, I didn’t see it.  I scanned it again, this time bending my knees a little so I could get closer.  Didn’t see it.  Dang, what a disappointment, I say those dreaded words in my mind, “They don’t have it.”

I put my head down and started to exit the cosmetics isle when something caught my eye.  Is that… NARS at Target?  No, but it sure looks like it.  And it sure looks like a dupe for Orgasm and Laguna.  I looked at the price tag ($3) and was happily on my way.  This trip to Target wasn’t a waste after all.

So… is the E.L.F duo comparable to the NARS?

Well let’s just find out!

Continue reading

Blushing with Bobbi Brown

30 Jul

Me:  “I got this really pretty blush from Bobbi Brown!”

Significant other:  “… he makes makeup?”

Me:  *rolls eyes*  Yes, the lead singer of New Edition is into the high-end cosmetics business.  That makes perfect sense.

Silly boyfriend talk aside, the makeup artist Bobbi (with an i) Brown makes some amazing products.  This blush is no exception.

A bright matte pink that isn’t powdery and wears all day?  That’s crazy talk! Continue reading

One Last Update From the Road

4 Jul

I have traveled to 11 states in 11 days, and visited 1 different country. Needless to say, it’s been an amazing experience. I managed to pick up some beauty goodies along the way!
Material for future blog posts!
Continue reading

Benefits from Benefit

12 Dec

I don’t know about you all,  but I did some damage on Black Friday.  D.A.M.A.G.E.  I didn’t get up 4am to get a discounted television or anything like that.  I shopped online in my pjs, sans make up.  It was glorious.

I hit up to see what they had, and my attention was immediately drawn to the two Benefit powders for $19.

Where they worth it?  Let’s find out!  Continue reading

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