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How to Depot Your Eyeshadows

21 Aug

What does it mean to “depot” your makeup?  It means taking the product out of the original container and putting into a palette.  It saves space and allows you to further organize your collection.

There have been some eyeshadow casualties along my journey on learning how to properly depot (RIP).  Now that I’ve figured out an easy, full-proof method, I wanted to share. It could save eyeshadow lives!  Continue reading


Canadian Beauty Find: Annabelle Eyeshadow

16 Aug

I went on a road trip to Canada earlier this summer, and being the beauty geek that I am, I was excited to head to the drugstore to check out their cosmetics.  I saw lots of the same brands that we have here in the US, but there was one inexpensive brand that caught my eye.

Annabelle Cosmetics.  Even better?  They were on sale!  I picked up a few unique shades and was happily on my way.  So, did the cheap price mean cheap quality?  Continue reading

August Glam Bag, 2012

14 Aug

It’s that time again!  My monthly gift from MyGlam is here!
So was this bag a hit or miss?  Let’s just find out!   Continue reading

Friday Favorites: Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Ivory

10 Aug

You did it, you got through the week!  Have you guys been watching the Olympics?  Seriously, Olympians are amazing.  I watched pole vaulting for the first time and let me tell you:  Mind. Blown.

Something else that blows my mind?  This eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown!

That’s why it’s today’s Friday Favorite!  Why?  Well, just keep readin, why don’t ya?  
Continue reading

Spend some time with a Shady Lady

19 Jul

In most cases, being called a “shady lady” is usually something negative.  That’s not the case when it come to theBalm.

Take a seat, and spend some a little time with this Shady Lady.  Continue reading

Born to Sparkle with Bobbi Brown

12 Jul

When I was a kid, I used to tell people that I was born to sparkle.  Grown ups would laugh and play along, thinking I was just a typical Barbie-loving little girl.  Well now in my adult life I still tell people that I was born to sparkle and I don’t get quite the same reaction.  People still laugh a little, but when the see the crazy look in my eye that says “I’m not kidding” they usually get a little uncomfortable.

I say, oh well, I think everyone likes to sparkle in some way 🙂  Here’s one product that helps me on my journey to add more shimmer to my delusional world:

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick! Continue reading

Canadian Beauty Finds

2 Jul

Hey guys! I’m still on my cross country road trip! We went to Canada and I insisted that we stop by a drugstore so I could check out the cosmetics. I’m lame.
See what us Americans are missing out on!

Continue reading

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow, Color Expansion Kit

7 Jun

As a product junkie, I’ve tried just about every eyeshadow out on the market.  Also, I can find at least one thing wrong with every single product that I try.  While some eyeshadows may be duds all together, some may be the best thing EVER but the price tag is sky-high.  Will there ever be THE perfect eyeshadow?  Great quality WITH an affordable price?

I stand (er, sit and type) here before you today to share, ladies and gents, the best eyeshadow that I’ve ever used.

What’s so great about it?  Read on, my friends… Continue reading

May Glam Bag, 2012

16 May

You know what, I’m going to be honest with you guys:  I had a lousy day yesterday.  I almost tripped over a dead deer (!) on my morning run, and it was all downhill from there.  After I got home from a long day, I washed my face and plopped my fanny in front of the computer.  That’s when I saw…

My May Glam Bag had arrived!  It was sitting so nicely on top of my mouse pad.  It’s just like it knew I needed a pick-me-up.  What’s inside?  Take a peek! Continue reading

$7 MAC Paint Pots?

28 Feb

It seems like I’m always in a hurry in the mornings.  After I get done washing my face, I slap some primer on my face and lids, throw on some random colors from my Naked Palette and finish the rest in the car.  Wouldn’t it be nice to find an eyeshadow that’s also a primer?  Well, I’ve found just that.

Lets take a look!  It may save you a few precious minutes in your rushed mornings! Continue reading

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