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How To Layer Blush for Longer Wear Time

2 Aug

Depending on your makeup and lifestyle, blush can sometimes rub off during the day, leaving your once-flushed cheeks looking pale and sallow. Summertime can make this problem worse, with high temperatures cause makeup to melt off the face.

Follow these steps in layering blush to lengthen its wear time. Continue reading


Battle of the Blush and Bronzer Duo’s

31 Jul

I strolled into my local Target on a mission to find this new nail polish I had just read about.  I scanned the cosmetic aisle with almost laser-like eyes, I didn’t see it.  I scanned it again, this time bending my knees a little so I could get closer.  Didn’t see it.  Dang, what a disappointment, I say those dreaded words in my mind, “They don’t have it.”

I put my head down and started to exit the cosmetics isle when something caught my eye.  Is that… NARS at Target?  No, but it sure looks like it.  And it sure looks like a dupe for Orgasm and Laguna.  I looked at the price tag ($3) and was happily on my way.  This trip to Target wasn’t a waste after all.

So… is the E.L.F duo comparable to the NARS?

Well let’s just find out!

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Blushing with Bobbi Brown

30 Jul

Me:  “I got this really pretty blush from Bobbi Brown!”

Significant other:  “… he makes makeup?”

Me:  *rolls eyes*  Yes, the lead singer of New Edition is into the high-end cosmetics business.  That makes perfect sense.

Silly boyfriend talk aside, the makeup artist Bobbi (with an i) Brown makes some amazing products.  This blush is no exception.

A bright matte pink that isn’t powdery and wears all day?  That’s crazy talk! Continue reading

Born to Sparkle with Bobbi Brown

12 Jul

When I was a kid, I used to tell people that I was born to sparkle.  Grown ups would laugh and play along, thinking I was just a typical Barbie-loving little girl.  Well now in my adult life I still tell people that I was born to sparkle and I don’t get quite the same reaction.  People still laugh a little, but when the see the crazy look in my eye that says “I’m not kidding” they usually get a little uncomfortable.

I say, oh well, I think everyone likes to sparkle in some way 🙂  Here’s one product that helps me on my journey to add more shimmer to my delusional world:

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick! Continue reading

One Last Update From the Road

4 Jul

I have traveled to 11 states in 11 days, and visited 1 different country. Needless to say, it’s been an amazing experience. I managed to pick up some beauty goodies along the way!
Material for future blog posts!
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My Love Affair With Tarte Blush

3 Jul

Hey everyone! I’m still on my cross country road trip, I’ve traveled over 2500 miles in 9 days! Spending 6-9 hours in the car a day has given me lots of time to play around with my makeup. I have a current obsession that I’d like to share.

Check it out!

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Tarte Makes Me Peaceful

9 Feb

So I’ve  been in aesthetics school for almost a month now and I absolutely love it!  You know what I don’t love?  My busy schedule!

Although keeping myself busy and focused is a blessing in disguise, I still need things that help keep me balanced.  Cardio is one of them, and the second is the blush from Tarte.

What’s so great about it?  Continue reading

February’s Best New Beauty Products

8 Feb

Check out this adorable blush from Stila!  It reminds me of the Physicians Formula Happy Booster!

Well, Hello Bombshell! *hair flip*

19 Jan

Any of you guys hit up the Semi-Annual sale this year?  It’s not in the stores anymore, but still going online until January 22nd.  I wear a hard-to-find bra size so I usually stock up this time of year (TMI?).

Enough about undergarments, let’s get to the fun stuff.  I have the “Hello, Bombshell” Makeup Kit to talk about today, and lots-o-pics.

Let’s get to it! Continue reading

Glam To Go, perf for when you’re on the go!

18 Jan

I feel like I’m always on the go.  I wish I had 45 mins to primp myself every morning (actually more like 2 hours if I’m being honest), or even BETTER… have a beauty team that preps ME!  However, I’m not a Kardashian.  I work full time and everything else in my life is squeezed in between that.  Keeping Up with the Kardashians = reality tv?  Puh-leease!

For us gals on-the-go, boy do I have a treat for you.

Lets take a peek (if you have time)… Continue reading

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