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August Birchbox, 2012

13 Aug

It’s always fun to see this surprise in my mailbox!

The usually magenta box is yellow this month.  What the deal?   Continue reading


A not so fine scrub from Befine

24 Jul

I got this in my Birchbox a few months ago and was excited to try it!

Great packaging, so colorful.  Then the product must be good, right?  Right??
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July Birchbox, 2012

16 Jul

My monthly gift from Birchbox was delivered on Friday!

This is my 10th or 11th Birchbox, and this one is probably my favorite one EVER.  Check it out! Continue reading

June Birchbox, 2012

19 Jun

It’s that time of the month again!

What’s inside? Continue reading

May Birchbox, 2012

11 May

It’s the time of the month that a girl looks forward to! Birchbox time!


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April Birchbox, 2012

15 Apr


Some of the stuff from this months box. Really excited to try the Yes to Blueberries towelettes! Has anyone else tried them?

Happy Sunday!

February Birchbox, 2012

25 Feb

After a 1 week blogging hiatus- I am back, my friends.  I know you don’t want to hear another “I’m so busy” rant, so I’ll keep it short.  Between my full time job, 20 hours of school, Larkspur stuff, and (trying) to go to the gym, and (if I can squeeze it in) sleep, the blog has been put on hold.  Don’t fret though, it still remains one of my priorities!  I love writing for you guys!

I got my February Birchbox a couple weeks ago, I wanted to share it with you while it’s still actually February.

Check it out! Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day!

14 Feb

Check out some Valentine’s Day specials!

From deep to bright, light to dark, MAC’s online-exclusive selection of reds to celebrate Valentine’s Day.   Continue reading

January Birchbox, 2012

16 Jan

I feel like I just posted about my December Birchbox!  Ah, oh well.  Here’s a peek at my January Birchbox, which came on Friday (01/13/2012).

Was it better than last months box?  Keep reading to find out!  Continue reading

December Birchbox, 2011

29 Dec

My December Birchbox came late, but it finally arrived yesterday.  There were some shipping errors and yada yada yah… I’m not even really upset that it was late.  But alas, here it is my friends.  Behold the Birchbox and all of it’s glory.

See what’s inside!  Continue reading

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