How to Depot Your Eyeshadows

21 Aug

What does it mean to “depot” your makeup?  It means taking the product out of the original container and putting into a palette.  It saves space and allows you to further organize your collection.

There have been some eyeshadow casualties along my journey on learning how to properly depot (RIP).  Now that I’ve figured out an easy, full-proof method, I wanted to share. It could save eyeshadow lives! 

What you need:

The flat-iron, knife, and wax paper are used during the depotting process.  The magnet, labels, scissors, and pen are for labeling.

*Note, the eyeshadow used has identical packaging to MAC eyeshadows*

Stick your knife into the groove where the eyeshadow “plate” is connected to the pot.  Wiggle back and forth until it pops off.  You may want to do this over a towel to prevent your eyeshadow from breaking.

Heat up your flat-iron and place the wax paper on it.  Place the eyeshadow onto the wax paper.  Leave on for 1-10 minutes, depending on the flat-iron temperature.  Be careful not to leave it on for too long because it can damage your eyeshadow.  I left mine on for 1 minute at 370 degrees.

Stick the tip of your knife into the back center of the eyeshadow, push and twist back and forth.  If the glue is melted enough, the eyeshadow pan will come out.

Glue a magnet on the back (you can use anything from the craft store).  Write the name of the eyeshadow and stick it onto the magnet for reference.

Put newly depotted eyeshadow into desired palette, and your admire your work!

Do you guys depot your eyeshadows?  What do you store them in?


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