Friday Favorites: Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Ivory

10 Aug

You did it, you got through the week!  Have you guys been watching the Olympics?  Seriously, Olympians are amazing.  I watched pole vaulting for the first time and let me tell you:  Mind. Blown.

Something else that blows my mind?  This eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown!

That’s why it’s today’s Friday Favorite!  Why?  Well, just keep readin, why don’t ya?  

It’s the Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Ivory.

Website description:  This silky, matte powder shadow goes on smoothly & blends easily. The densely pigmented formula can be layered and comes in a range of beautiful shades for defining lids and lining eyes.

Matte eyeshadows are usually cursed with chalky textures.  I have several MAC eyeshadows in a similar color, and while they work pretty well on the skin, I lose a lot of product when swirling my brush in the eyeshadow pan because of their chalky texture. 😦

Ivory is the closest thing you can get to white without being white, so it’s more wearable than pure white.  It has a very rich and smooth texture, and guess what?  It’s not chalky!  🙂

The color is so versatile.  It can be used as a brow and inner tear duct highlight.  You can also dust it all over the entire eye to even out any discoloration.  My favorite use for it is patting it all over the eye with a flat brush, thus making any eyeshadow that I apply over it appear to be more vibrant.

It’s my favorite eyeshadow of its kind!  It’s muted white color and creamy texture is superb!

The Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Ivory is $21.00 for 0.08oz.  It is available at any Bobbi Brown counter and at Sephora.  It is available here online.  

What’s your favorite matte brow highlighter?

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!  Party hard!  Or… spend it on the couch painting your nails, like I do.


2 Responses to “Friday Favorites: Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Ivory”

  1. tam0rama August 10, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    Love Bobbi, excited to try out their new BB cream (once I get closer to the end of the current ones). I use their cream shadows as a base usually.

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