Two Cheap, Effective, and Disposable Tools That Everyone Needs For Their Makeup Kit

11 Jul

Life is tough.  Life moves fast.  Therefore, it’s always a joy to find cheap products that make that life a little easier 🙂

Cue, today’s post:

And the best part?  They’re cheap, effective, and disposable! 

First up is the Essence of Beauty Multi-Purpose Cotton Cosmetic Applicators.

Website description: These gentle, dual-ended applicators are perfect for applying eye shadow.

How to use it:

  • The wide paddle end can be used to put eyeshadow on the lid.
  • The end of the wide paddle can be used to put color into the crease.
  • The pointed end can smudge eyeliner on the lash line.
  • When creating a cat-eye, or working with the outer V of the eye, the pointed end can clean-up any fallen shadow to give a precise line.
  • Clean-up under eye area without messing up any other part of the makeup.

My thoughts:  These are really sturdy and they don’t have any cotton “fuzzies” hanging off of the tips.  I use these all the time on clients because they’re cheap, effective, and disposable (no clean-up!).

Next is the Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks.

Website description: Perfect for effortlessly erasing mistakes during application without disturbing the rest of your makeup. these easy to use soft cotton tip swabs are individually filled with the best selling almay® oil free eye makeup remover formula.

How to use it:  Hold it vertically with the tip with the purple line on top.  Pull the purple tip to the side so it breaks, and you will see the liquid drain down to the other end.  Now the eye makeup remover is absorbed by the other cotton tip.  Flip it over, and apply to desired area.

My thoughts:  These things have made life so much easier.  I use these both of clients and myself.  It’s perfect for removing mascara that accidentally touched your skin, or if you’ve applied too much concealer and it’s starting to look cakey.  It saves you the hassle of getting a cotton ball and pouring makeup remover on it.  It also gives you some precision on where you are removing the makeup.  I use this on myself when I can’t seem to get all of my eye makeup off from under my eye when washing my face at night.  Alright, I’m going to say it one last time:  they’re cheap, effective, and disposable!

The Essence of Beauty Multi-Purpose Cotton Cosmetic Applicators are available at CVS, they are $2.62 for 75 applicators.  The Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks are $5.50 for 24 sticks, available at most drugstores and here online. 

Are there any disposable tools you use in your beauty routine?


One Response to “Two Cheap, Effective, and Disposable Tools That Everyone Needs For Their Makeup Kit”

  1. BeautyAnywhere July 12, 2012 at 8:41 am #

    I totally agree!! I keep both of these in my makeup kit when I’m doing wedding makeup. I go through them so quickly. The cotton q-tip-like applicators are lifesavers & so much more precise than a regular q-tip!

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