Super Hair with S Factor

9 Jul

I’ve got quite a pile of hair on my head, a mop, if you will.  It’s long (mid to lower back), thick, coarse, and stick straight.  Wearing my hair straight requires little to no maintenance, but when I want to pretend like I’m a Kardashian and add some boost to my hair, it requires a little more man power.  Thanks when I have to roll up my sleeves and bring out…

… the big guns.  This stuff never fails me. 

Website description:  TIGI S-Factor Vivacious Hair Spray delivers splendid shine and incredible hold, while fighting against humidity. The innovative actuator provides a light spray pattern for better control. The medium hold of S Factor Vivacious Hair Spray is essential for everyday use, but when up do season comes along, it can easily be layered for a stronger hold, without annoying flakes.

My Thoughts

Packaging:  It comes in a nice, sleek, sliver can with a pink “S” on the front.  The cap fits securely on to the top, when you press down it “clicks” so it stays on pretty well.  The white pump that the hairspray comes out if is a little difficult to press down on (compared to other hairsprays).

Product:  The aerosol hairspray comes evenly out of the pump.  It has a sweet, fruity scent and provides a great, natural hold to the hair.  It lasts 12+ hours in my hair.  It’s never sticky or gives hair that crunchy feeling.

Who might like this:  Someone looking for a light hairspray to hold loose (Kardashian-like) curls in their hair.

Who will not like this:  Someone looking for more of a “stay-put” hold for their hair.

Overall:  This hairspray does exactly what I want it to do:  Keeps my Kardashian wannabe curls in place.  It does live up to it’s “last all day” promise.  However, I don’t find that this adds any additional shine to my hair like it promises.  This has been my go-to for about a year now (replacing my previous Big Sexy obsession).

Glitter Rating: 4 / 5

The Tigi S-factor Vivacious Hair Spray runs $18-$30 for 300ml (8.9 oz).  You can purchase here online.

What’s your go-to hairspray?


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