Yes To Carrots, Mini Haul

8 Jun

I strolled into my local Walgreens the other day, only to see this beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking sight. . .

Yes to Carrots SALE!  Check out what I snagged!

First impressions:

C Me Shine Lip Gloss:  It smells pepperminty!  I was surprised by that.  It’s a squeeze tube with a slant tip applicator, so no fussy application.  The color, Flirty Pink, looks very natural on my NC30 skin.  I’d describe the color as a warm toned coral with a hint of pink.  It’s a shiny, gloss version of the…

C Me Blush Lip Tint: I love these little babies.  They give just a hint of color, and have a slight tingle when applied.  The great thing about the Lip Tints is their versatility.  Any girl can find a use for these, no matter who you are.  I especially love that the first ingredient listed is coconut oil, which is a very effective moisturizer.

Hydrating Body Lotion with SPF 30:  It smells very “sunscreeny,” which, really I don’t mind because that’s probably what I’ll be using it for.  I rubbed a fair amount on my arm earlier and it didn’t leave a greasy residue.  It does have a slight perfume scent to it, but for the most part it smells like sunscreen.  I would also like to note that the active ingredient in this is zinc oxide, which is a UV absorber.  This means that is absorbs the suns rays and disburse the rays among your skin to prevent burning.  That is opposed to UV Blockers, which act like a shield to the suns rays and blocks them altogether.

I saved at least half retail price by purchasing these at the Walgreens sale.  Consider this purchase a success!

I hope you guys had a wonderful week, and I wish you an even better weekend!


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