EcoTools Kabuki Set, Review

3 May

I’m always on the lookout for any good beauty find, but when it comes to brushes I’m a fanatic.  I can usually talk myself out of buying that 14th purple eyeshadow, or another bright pink nail polish… but if I see a cosmetic brush marked down on clearance IT’S MINE.

You can imagine my delight when I found this with that delightful orange sticker on this at my local Target.

Oh, and the best part?

It would’ve been a CRIME not to purchase this, right?  Check it out!

Website description: Create custom coverage with four different kabuki heads, providing multiple brush functionality for a total face makeover. The set is designed to conceal your imperfections, bronze for a sun-kissed glow, contour your cheeks, or buff on the perfect powder for an all over flawless face. Each brush has an eye-catching artist-designed limited edition ferrule and incredibly soft, cruelty-free bristles.

The four piece set is $14.99.

My thoughts: Very soft, synthetic fibres.  The buff brush is a flat top kabuki, I used it to apply and buff out liquid foundation.   I normally use the MUG Stippling Brush,  and while this one looks very similar it is quite a bit less dense.   It can get a bit streaky if you aren’t careful.  I prefer a flat top kabuki that has a bit stiffer fibres so I can really get in there and  blend.  Although this one may take a little more work, it can still get the job done.

The contour brush comes to a point at the end.   The point is nice because you can create your contour line, but since the brush is so soft you can easily blend it out.  This brush is my favorite of the set.  It’s not as dense as the MAC 109 (my HG contouring brush), it’s also bigger and softer.

The bronzing brush is nice, fluffy and angled.   It works wonderful for blush or bronzer.  It’s the perfect size for getting color onto the apples of your cheeks.  Personally, I use this for only blush because I only use bronzer to contour.  But if you wanted to apply a bit of bronzer under your cheekbones for a subtle effect, this brush would be perfect.

The conceal brush is the least favorite of the set.  It is the most dense brush of the four, yet it’s just not small enough to apply concealer in the desired areas.  It’s also way to big too spot treat.  I tried applying a cream and liquid concealer under my eyes with this brush, and it’s just simply too big.  But all hope is not lost with this brush, it still works nicely to blend out concealer if you accidentally applied too much.  It also works as a contouring brush if you want a really defined line.

The packaging is just downright adorable.  However, it does take a little getting used to since there isn’t a full handle.  It’s nothing that you couldn’t handle though, right? 😉

Overall:  This set was well worth my 5 bucks.  However, seeing as it was $15 full price (at Target), I’m not sure if I would be fully satisfied with it if I would’ve paid that much.  On one hand, this brush set would be perfect for light travelers, it’s teeny and each brush has a specific function to help you create your make-up look.  Although, if I was limited on space when packing, I would grab the bronzer brush no question about it.  However, there are full sized, yet slimmer brushes (ahem, the MAC 286 for concealer) that can do a better job for concealing rather than the one that comes in this set.

Glitter rating:  3.5 / 5

The EcoTools Kabuki set is available at Target, Ulta, or online at or  Prices range from $11-$22.  Or, if you’re lucky you can find it for 5 bucks like I did!

I hope you are all doing wonderful, and I hope you are looking and feeling your best today!  There is no reason you shouldn’t be, right?



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