Fancy Shoe Friday Vol. 12

17 Feb

Someone in my class tonight said “This week has gone by so fast!”  I thought, “I could not disagree more.”  Isn’t it weird how it is different for everyone?

Between work and school I’m on a tight schedule, and of course  my body decides to contract a virus.  I felt like death had plagued my body and someone was squeezing my brain, but I ventured on into my 14 hour day.  I allowed myself to skip the gym this week, my body needed the extra rest.  After lots of vitamin C, antioxidants, and NyQuil I finally feel like myself again.  Which is good, because it’s just in time for Fancy Shoe Friday!

Prada Suede Platform Button Pump

Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Platform

Charlotte Russe Sueded Platform Stiletto Pump

Steve Madden Beautey

Sergio Rossi Rhinestone Fringe Platform Pump

Christian Louboutin Maggie

Lansey Course Glitter Heel

Nicholas Kirkwood Keith Haring Printed Platform Pumps

So, I kinda have a thing for nude platform pumps, if you didn’t already know that.  My faves out of the bunch?   It’s a toughie, but I’m going with the Zanotti’s.  I love all of them, but those really make me drool…

Do you have a favorite?

Check out what I did in school this week!

Now I gotta get to studying… hope you had a great week!  Here’s to the freakin weekend!


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