Boscia Makes My Skin Luminous!

7 Feb

Ever have those days when your skin is just being “fussy?”  Random break outs, dry patches, oily t-zone…  Whatever it is, you definitely need a savior when that time comes around.  Check out my go-t0 for when my skin is acting a fool:

What is it?  Well, check it out! 

Sephora description: This jet-black, mineral-rich mask creates a unique peel-off effect that delivers powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening results. Made with a premiere-quality clay, its deep-cleansing properties draw out dirt and oil. Other natural ingredients go to work exfoliating skin and refining pores. Powerful antioxidants shrink pores, firm skin, and reduce inflammation. Once dried, the mask strips away dead skin, impurities and excess oil to reveal immediate and visible results.

The mask is $34.00 for 2.8oz.

Gish, it sure does make a lot of promises!

My thoughts: It does live up to a lot of the promises mentioned in the description.  My skin feels amazing after I peel off the mask, it’s soft and smooth.  It helps with break outs, mine are noticeably smaller the next day.  I really can’t tell if it’s pore minimizing, mine seem to look the same before and after application.

You have to be sure to put on a rather generous amount, or else the mask will come off in pieces and leave you very frustrated.  Make sure to have all of your hair pulled back away from your face or it will either get pulled out or you’ll have this gunk in it.

For some reason, the mask makes my eyes water like crazy when I first put it on.  You just have to be really careful not to get it above your orbital bone.

The mask does tug at the skin quite a bit when you’re peeling it off.  It’s sort of like pulling off a black head strip.

Overall: Despite the messy application, eye watering, slightly painful removal, and large price tag… I will say no other mask had made my skin feel this CLEAN!  I’m willing to look past the cons because it really does make my face feel amazing.  Smooth like a baby’s bottom 🙂

Glitter rating 3.5 / 5

You can purchase this at Sephora.


2 Responses to “Boscia Makes My Skin Luminous!”

  1. k Elizabeth February 8, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    This stuff looks great! Thanks 4 sharing. 🙂

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