Silky Eyes with Pixi

2 Feb

Earlier this week we got Pretty Eyes with Pixi, now it’s time to get Silky Eyes!

I think you, me and Pixi are going to know each other very well by the end of this! 

Website description: These waterproof pencils give the intense effect of a liquid liner. The unique formula is super long-wear, non-transfer and ultra-pigmented. They glide on like seamless silk, and in a single application create a solid colour line that stays on and on. This limited edition trio includes our bestselling shades in a classic black, a suit-all deep brown, and an ultra-flattering deep lilac. It’s bound to sell out fast – so grab one while you can!

The trio is $12 for three mini pencils (0.03oz ea).  The full size liners are $14 ea for 0.04oz.

My thoughts:  Whoa.  Pigment.  These babies go on like butta.  Very smooth and blendable.  They work great in the waterline and have great lasting power (8-9 hours).  These are softer than even my UD liners.  The biggest complaint I’ve read about these is how difficult they are to sharpen.  Since they are so soft, you can lose a lot of product.  However, if you read the back of the box (pictured above) at the bottom it does instruct you to refrigerate the pencils for 10 minutes before sharpening.  I leave mine in for 20-30 minutes (just to be safe) and I haven’t had any issues.

Overall:  The quality is very comparable to some high end brands.  If you come by the trio, I would definitely recommend snatching it up because it’s such a great price.

Glitter rating: 5 / 5

You can purchase Pixi and on and Target.


2 Responses to “Silky Eyes with Pixi”

  1. Melli February 2, 2012 at 11:27 am #

    Holy crap. That black is intense. Looking for a new eyeliner (the one I’m currently using stung my eyes this morning :/). Hope I can find this trio!

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