Well, Hello Bombshell! *hair flip*

19 Jan

Any of you guys hit up the Semi-Annual sale this year?  It’s not in the stores anymore, but still going online until January 22nd.  I wear a hard-to-find bra size so I usually stock up this time of year (TMI?).

Enough about undergarments, let’s get to the fun stuff.  I have the “Hello, Bombshell” Makeup Kit to talk about today, and lots-o-pics.

Let’s get to it!

Website description: 55 must-haves for eyes, lips and face. 5 ¼” x 4 ¼” x 1 ½”. Domestic. A $209 value.

The kit contains:

  • 30 Eye Shadows (0.02oz ea)
  • 5 Lip Glosses (0.01oz ea)
  • 5 Lipsticks (0.01oz ea)
  • 4 Blushes (0.08oz ea)
  • 1 Luminous Powder (0.17oz)
  • 1 Translucent Powder (0.17oz)
  • 1 Bronzer (0.17oz)
  • 1 Mascara (0.11oz)
  • 1 Lip Liner (0.01oz)
  • 1 Eye Liner (0.01oz)
  • 2 Eye Applicators
  • 2 Lip Brushes
  • 1 Face Brush

I did some research online to see what other beauty bloggers thought of the VS make-up and I really didn’t find a lot of results.  Therefore, I’m really excited to write this post for anyone who’s looking to try it!

My thoughts: GREAT value.  You’re paying less than a dollar for each product.  My first impression, I thought the packaging felt a little cheap.  However, the palette is still very well constructed.  The eyeshadows slide out to reveal the gloss, brushes, liners, and mascara.

The very bottom slides out to reveal the face products.  It also features a full-sized mirror.  PERF for traveling.

Lighting #1

Lighting #2

Lighting #1

Lighting #2

The eyeshadows are really nice!  They did an excellent job of putting the colors together.  There’s a good mix of neutrals and colors.  Also, they included different shades of each color.  For example, a dark, medium, and light purple are all in there.  It makes it really easy to create a look!  Downside:  There’s one lonely single matte eyeshadow shade (the one on the very bottom right), other than that they’re all shimmery.  A few have little flecks of silver glitter.  I get about 6 hours wear time from these.  I haven’t had any real issues with any of them, some are more pigmented some are sheer.  They aren’t MAC or UD quality, but still really legitimate.

The lip glosses are pretty good too.  They don’t last very long (3 hours if you don’t snack or drink anything) but there’s a nice mix of color in there.  They’re really shiny and a bit sticky though.

Lighting #1

Lighting #2

The blushes and face powders.  They included 4 different shades of blushes, the two on the left are a matte finish and the two on the right are shimma with little flecks of glitter.  The two on the right feel like Nars Super Orgasm, but more orange/coral.  The mattes have really good color pay off, and the shimmery ones are a little sheer.  I’m a fan of all of them.  6-7 hours wear time.

Can I just say, I love, love, love that they included different shades of face powders in this kit.  There’s a medium, light, and dark one. The one on the far right reminds me a lot of NARS Laguna,  but it’s a touch lighter.  The other two powders are a bit shimmery to use as an all over face powder (at least for my taste), however, they make great highlighters!

The mascara is so cute, I love how teeny it is! The formula is slightly clumpy though.  Be sure to wipe off the brush a little before applying.

The eyeliner and lip liner are just okay.  They’re a little hard, they eyeliner tugged a my eyes a bit.  I had a hard time getting the lip liner to show up.

The brushes (which I didn’t photograph) are duds (which really, shouldn’t come as a surprise).  The lip brush comes in handy, however sponge applicator eyeshadow brushes do not handle blending very well.  I would suggest to use your own brushes with this kit.  Although, I appreciate the fact that they included them in here for convenience purposes.

Overall:  Victoria’s Secret did an excellent job of putting this kit together!     The blushes are awesome, I will probably depot to carry in my kit!  Love the eyeshadow color range and quality (for the price).  It also is an excellent use of space, everything is packed in there (no frills packaging) so there’s a lot of product packed into a small space.  I dig.  Sure, there were a few things I didn’t like in the palette.  But overall,  great job, VS.

Glitter rating: 4 / 5

You can purchase this at the Victoria’s Secret store.  You can purchase it here online.  It is $30.00.


6 Responses to “Well, Hello Bombshell! *hair flip*”

  1. Lisa Brown January 19, 2012 at 8:42 am #

    I love this palette! Thank you for your review. :O)

  2. k Elizabeth January 19, 2012 at 1:57 pm #

    Those blushes look lovely. Too bad the lip pencil’s meh; it’s such a nice color. :/

  3. KS June 9, 2012 at 3:40 pm #

    Thanks for the review. I usually don’t buy palettes and I don’t really need new make-up but with the sale and stuff going on, I think I”m going to go ahead and purchase it.

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