Fancy Shoe Friday, Vol. 7

13 Jan

*I’m feeling sexy and free, like glitter’s raining on me*

I’m OBSESSED with this song.  Seriously, after I heard the first line my ears perked up like a dog’s does when you offer it a treat.  I’ve been listening to it on repeat while I do my cardio, it get me PUMPED!

On the this week’s shoes!  Check it!

Zigi Soho Printy Pump

Bebe Mercedes Beaded Satin Pump

Valentino Suede & Crystal Slingback

2 Lips Too Too Swagger Pump

Nicholas Kirkwood Lace Round-Toe Platform Pump

Giuseppe Zanotti Women’s E26085 Platform Pump

Nicholas Kirkwood Pearl-Platform Satin Pump

So I know I featured two Nicholas Krikwood’s in here…  but I loved them both so much I couldn’t resist.  Do you guys have a favorite?

It’s Friday the 13th, by the way.  Be on the look out for creeps and weirdos today!

Hap-hap-happy Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!


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