Lookie Wookie it’s the Sigma Kabuki!

27 Dec

Every girl needs a good kabuki in their brush kit.  It’s a versatile brush that can be used with liquid or powder products.  You can use it to apply blush, bronzer, and foundation.  There are thousands upon thousands of kabukis out there… how do you know which one to get?  I asked myself that same question, so I did a little online research to see which ones had a good reputation in the make up world.  That’s when I came across. . .

The Sigma Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki!  Oh boy oh boy! Check it out! 

First impression:  How cute is this?  The packaging is so adorable.  There are 3 brushes in this series, a purple flat top (Miss Taylor), a black round top (Breakfast with Audrey), a pink round top (Princess Grace), and a red round top (Something About Marilyn)  Hollywood Glamour, get it?

I purchased the Miss Taylor brush because it was the one that I read a lot about and it was featured on the “Top Sellers” list on Sigma’s website.

The top comes off to reveal the retractable part of the brush.  This brush is ideal for traveling, it’s the perfect size (a little over 3.5in tall with the lid on, 1.5in across).  It’s something you could easily throw into your purse!   A little bigger than a tube of lipstick!

My thoughts: The packaging earns extra points with me, not only because it’s cute but it’s also functional.  The brush is very dense and the synthetic fibers are very soft.  It works well for applying blush and bronzer,  but since the brush is so dense it’s better to use it with ones that have sheer coverage.  My favorite use for this brush?  Applying liquid foundation.  I apply my foundation in dots around my face, then rub this brush in small circular motions to buff it out.  It gives that flawless, airbrush finish!

However- I’ve experienced some fallout with the fibers.  When I first got the brush, I noticed that there were a few little fibers that were sticking out the top, but after cleaning it they were gone.  I haven’t experienced any since then.  Also, beware when cleaning this brush, it takes awhile to dry (about a day).

Glitter rating 4 / 5

This brush is $25.00, but is on sale right now for $19.00.  You can purchase Sigma products on their website.  

Have a sparkley day!

Don’t forget to enter the big GIVEAWAY!  Deadline to enter is December 31st 11:15am CT.


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