Favorite Green Eyeshadows for the Holidays

22 Dec

This whole week I’ve been wearing obnoxious make-up looks to go to the office.  Shimmery eyeshadows, sparkley blush, glitter lipgloss… what’s the occasion?  It’s the holidays, of course!  One of my favorite things that I’ve been playing with is green eyeshadow, and I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorites!

Top 7, here we go!

#7) theBalm, “The Step Brother”


Forest green, velvet finish

#6) Bobbi Brown, “Jade”


True green, matte finish

*this picture leans more sea foam green, but the actual color isn’t this blue*

#5) NP Set, no color name, from “Party Set” palette


Lime green, shimmer finish

#4) Too Faced, “Nice Stems!”


Golden clover, shimmer finish

#3) Nars, “Tropic”


Teal green, matte finish with silver glitter

#2) Wet ‘ N ‘ Wild, “Cool as a Cucumber”


Dark green, shimmer finish

#1) MAC, “Humid”


Green khaki with golden shimmer


With flash


Without flash, natural light

*Hey look!  I spelled “cucumber” wrong.  Doh!*

Do you guys have a favorite holiday eyeshadow that you like to use?  I have to say, I’m in love with “Humid.”  I wear it year round!  Such a great green, every gal should have a good green in their make up collection!



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