Benefits from Benefit

12 Dec

I don’t know about you all,  but I did some damage on Black Friday.  D.A.M.A.G.E.  I didn’t get up 4am to get a discounted television or anything like that.  I shopped online in my pjs, sans make up.  It was glorious.

I hit up to see what they had, and my attention was immediately drawn to the two Benefit powders for $19.

Where they worth it?  Let’s find out! 

Now this was one heck of a deal considering that the Benefit powders are normally $28 for 0.4oz.  With this set, it was $19 for two full size (0.4oz) that equals out to $9.50 per box, therefore I saved $37!  All together it’s a $56 value!  (I hope you enjoyed that little math lesson, you’re welcome.)

The boxes are just so dang cute!  I love these little guys!

My thoughts on thrrrob:  It’s a cool toned pink blush, and a very solid one at that.  It’s goes on slightly sheer but is buildable if you want more color.  I use my MAC 168 to get the perfect amount of color on my cheeks!  It does have some shimmer in the form of tiny flecks of glitter.  It looks a lot more sparkley in the pan than it does on your face.  It wears for about 6-8 hours.

Benefit describes it as a “pulse racing shade.”  Do you agree?

My thoughts on georgia:  This powder wasn’t as easy to like at first.  I used it as a blush, and I looked like I might as well be brushing air on my face.  After that, I thought it would make a nice cheek highlighter.  Since it’s very close to my skin tone (NC35) and a bit chalky, it doesn’t work well as a cheek highlighter for me.  Defeat.  Next, I tried using it as a face power. Voila!  All of a sudden, I became a fan of georgia!  I’m so glad we worked things out.  I use it was a finishing powder and put a light layer over my foundation.  It’s slightly shimmery, but not so shimmery that it looks like glitter exploded on my face.  It just gives a nice glow!  I use a kabuki to apply.  It also has a light peach scent, I can smell it when I sniff the pan but I don’t smell it when I’m actually wearing the powder.

Lighting #1

Lighting #2

These also come with brushes.  Benefit describes them as soft, natural blush brushes.  The brushes work just okay for me, they don’t really pick up a lot of color.  I’ve also experienced some fallout with the brissles.  However, I wouldn’t say they’re awful.  If you were on the go and it was all you had, they should be able to get the job done.

Note: Georgia has been discontinued as of March 2011.

Glitter rating for thrrrob 4.5 / 5
Glitter rating for georgia 4 / 5

You can purchase Benefit powders on their website, Sephora, and Ulta.

Are there any Benefit products you are obsessed with?  The brand has been hit or miss with me, so I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Have a sparkley day!


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