NARS Joyous Red lipstick makes me joyous!

1 Dec

Can you believe it’s the holiday season?  I feel like I’m still settling down from Halloween and how awesome my Miss Piggy costume was… and now it’s time to buy Christmas presents?  And then a new year?  That’s crazy talk!

Well, to help ease my nerves I went out holiday make-up shopping.  It’s very therapeutic this time of year.  I snagged the NARS Joyous Red lipstick from Sephora about a month ago, and I’ve been raving about it ever since.

Check out my swatches! 

Ever since I got this lipstick I’ve been wearing it every chance I get.  I’ve even been picking out outfits for work that will coordinate with it, I love it that much!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a red-lipstick-kind-of-gal.  However, the great thing about this particular product is that it’s a very wearable red.  I don’t feel like a street-walker when I wear it around the office.  It doesn’t look like a red lipstick that you would point out and say, “hey, that girl is wearing red lipstick before noon.”  It’s a deep, muted, amber red with a semi-matte finish.

 NARS Joyous Red lipstick is part of their holiday 2011 collection and it is limited edition.  I managed to snag one up at Sephora about a month ago, but I just noticed ontheir website that it’s sold out!  Yikes!

I urge you to try this lipstick, even if you aren’t a red-lipstick-kind-of-gal.  Just take a small step out of your comfort zone and you may find something gorgeous 🙂

NARS Joyous Red lipstick is available on their website and Sephora. **Update, here is the link to Joyous Red on Amazon, no longer available in stores.**

Hap-hap-happy holiday everyone!

Disclaimer: I realize the alarming size of my lips may cause you discomfort.  Please do not be frightened, they are hereditary .  

Nekkid lips

Lips wearing Joyous Red


3 Responses to “NARS Joyous Red lipstick makes me joyous!”

  1. Clare December 1, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    Agreed!! Red Lipstick makes my life!

  2. xxxMissVxxx December 2, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

    i love the idea of red lipstick but i hate thinking about the maintenance that comes with wearing it!

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