Pucker up! My favorite products for soft lips

20 Nov

There are a number of reasons one would want to have soft lips and would purchase several products to do so.  For one, they feel nice (duh).  Two, they look nice (double duh).  Three, it makes for a smoother application of glosses/lipsticks.  Four, they make kisses with that special someone that much more enjoyable 🙂  And the list goes on….

As a beauty addict, I’ve tried a few more than several products to achieve those sought after lips, and I wanted to share my favorites with you guys.

Here they are, in no particular order:

**Please note, I did not swatch the products that looked clear whenever applied.**

First up is Mary Kay’s Satin Lips Set, $18.00 MaryKay.com

Website description: Buff away dry skin with Satin Lips® Lip Mask (.3 oz. net wt.), then moisturize with Satin Lips® Lip Balm (.3 oz. net wt.) to keep lips soft. 

This is a really quick and easy lip treatment, you can even do it in the morning before work.  First, you apply the mask and leave it on for 1 – 2 minutes.  Then remove with a damn wash cloth.  Then apply the lip balm.  Poof!  Soft lips!  The consistency and texture of the lip balm reminds me a lot of the Jack Black lip balms.

You can purchase them individually for $9.50 each, but you save a little when you purchase the set ($18).  You can use the lip balm anytime, it does not have to proceed the mask treatment.

Next up we have Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment (0.15oz), $22.50 Fresh.com, Sephora.com

**Please forgive my faded packaging, it’s taken quite a beating in the bottom of my purse.** 

Website description: A hydrating treatment that nourishes, protects, and plumps the lips.

This one is a bit pricier, but I think it’s well worth the price.  This stuff is SMOOTH.  I feel like it nourishes and protects (like the description says), but I didn’t find that it had any sort of plumping qualities.  Unless they count the shine as the plumping effect.  This comes in 5 different colors, one of them being clear.  The all also have SPF 15, which is a huge bonus.

Now it’s time for the EOS Lip Spheres, $3.29 evolutionofsmooth.com, drugstore.com

Aren’t they adorable?  I simply had to buy them based on their unique packaging.  They aren’t as creamy some lip balms, and have very little to no shine (think, Chapstick).  However, I find they do a fine job of making my lips smooth and purdy!  I like to put these on for a few minutes in the morning, then wipe off before applying my lipstick.

There are 6 different flavors listed on their website, although they’re constantly coming out with limited edition ones.  They claim to be 95% organic and 100% natural organic.  I’m a little puzzled as to what exactly that means… but anything that’s natural earns points in my book.

The ones pictured are Lemon Drop (yellow), Strawberry Sorbet (pink), and Summer Fruit (red).   The only one that has SPF 15 is Lemon Drop.

**Sidenote- I always felt like Lemon Drop had a different consistency than my other lip spheres, and after looking at their website I discovered that it’s the only one that’s not listed as organic and natural.  However, it does say it’s naturally flavored and PABA free.**

Next, Befine Lip Exfoliator (0.5 oz), $20.00 Befine.com

 Website descrition: Banish the effects of daily stress on your lips. While enhancing their natural color, Pineapple enzymes exfoliate and reveal fresh new skin for soft baby lips.

Although this looks similar the the Mary Kay Satin Lips mask, it works very differently.  It’s a fruit enzyme exfoliator, so the enzymes buff away the dead skin.  Unlike other exfoliants that use something grainy to buff away dead skin (most lip scrubs use sugar).  I rub it on my lips using my index finger in circular motions.  The formula has a bit of graininess to it.  You don’t have to leave this on for any amount of time, just take your time when applying.  After that, simply rinse or wipe away with a damp wash cloth.  Done.  Presto.

I would also like to note this also has a lip serum that you’re supposed to use after it.  I do not own the lip serum, but it’s also $20.  You can also purchase a duo pack for $25 from Birchbox.com.  **Interested in joining Birchbox?  Feel free to contact me if you have questions!**

And last, but certainly not least, I give you Bliss Fabulips, $45.00 Blissworld.com, Sephora.com

Website description: It’s a facial for your lips!  Designed to recreate Bliss Spa’s popular and unique fabulips treatment, this pout-perfecting kit cleans, exfoliates, plumps, and softens the lips.

After reading the website description, I really couldn’t have put it  better myself.  It may seem a little “gimmicky,” but the product works wonders for me.  Especially with the winter coming along my lips need some extra help.  I will do a full review with photos, but for now here’s a brief summary:

Step 1 is the foaming lip cleanser, let sit for 20-30 seconds then rinse.  Step 2 is the sugar lip scrub.  Apply in circular motion then wipe away with damp washcloth.  Step 3 is the instant lip plumper, it has a click dispenser.  Leave that on for awhile then apply the softening lip balm.

There you have it!  What are some of your favorite lip products?  I would love to hear!


4 Responses to “Pucker up! My favorite products for soft lips”

  1. xxxMissVxxx November 20, 2011 at 11:59 pm #

    oh god! i do not need to read another post on lip glosses/balms! Must resist the urge to purchase them!!!! although i’m very intrigued by the first one!

    • ShoeGalKayla November 21, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

      I love my Satin Lips! Have you tried their Satin Hands? I’ve been meaning to get one, I hear it’s a cult favorite!

  2. princesagr December 6, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    Ohhhh .. I came to look your blog, and … tada! I was looking this morning about Mary Kay mask, and thinking of buying it! Is it really good? I do scrub my lips (homemade stuff so far) , but never make a mask…

    Thanks for this post. Its really really helpfull.

    • ShoeGalKayla December 6, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

      It works really well! It takes the dead skin right off of my lips. I like how easy it is, just leave on for 2 minutes and rinse off. Follow with a moisturizing balm!

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