Illamasqua = fantasy land

6 Oct

Illamasqua launched a new store in Zagreb, Croatia.  Have no idea where that is?  No worries, me either.  And if you already did know where this place existed?  Congratulations, you have the honor of being better at geography than this glitter gal.  Although it’s really not that hard though, so I suppose it’s not much of an honor…

I thought Croatia was just a paleontology term until I Googled to verify that this was an actual place.

Ah, there you are.  Now, on to the good stuff.

I am a frequent visitor of the MAC Pro store we have here in town, and also all the local Sephoras.  And each time I never cease to be amazed on how the store can wow me each time I go in.  However, after viewing these pics of this new Illamasqua store, I can’t help but feel like the aforementioned stores may be underwhelming from here on out.

 Check out those Nail Varnishes! *drool*


 hmm… does that guy in the plaid shirt seem out of place to you?

You can, however, purchase Illamasqua products online on their website and

I love the high ceilings and the beautiful displays in this make-up store.  It really makes me want to travel all the way to Cromashma (or whatever it’s called) just to see it.

Are there any stores or shopping areas you love to go to just for the decor?  I would love to hear about it!

Keep sparkling!  XOXO


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